Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winning is like Christmas

First off Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone.

I was surprised to get an email from Sam over at the Daily Dimwit that I had won his 800th post contest. It was a simple contest, which are the best kind, shameless plug, the 3rd Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl contest on the web is only a week away.  All I had to do for Sam's contest was tell him one of my favorite blogs and then post a link to something, your blog, photobucket, ect.  I chose to represent a non-sports card blog and recommended The Bloggess.

Anyways Sam informed me that I had won the contest and asked if there was anything I'd like that he had highlighted on his blog.  Well I went back a few months and asked if he'd let me have a 2012 Triple Threads Reggie Jackson Black parallel card I had seen or some random Brewers would be fine too.

Well I got my winnings just before Christmas and lets just say it was a great prize pack.

He sent along the Reggie I asked for.  And that probably would have been enough.

But also nestled in the package was this card

A 1991 Upper Deck Dan Plesac autographed card and this...

a 2008 Taylor Green Rookie bat card...
numbered to 500!  But wait there was also this...

2011 Bowman Sterling Jed Bradley Prospects Autograph card and this...
A 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Mat Gamel rookie autograph card #d to 99!

And while autos are awesome it was this last card that made me take notice.

2004 Fleer Platinum Richie Sexson patch card.  Sure this labels Richie as a Diamondback, but he's featured in a Brewers uni and the patch is obviously a piece from a Brewers jersey. But lets have Fleer prove it.

Man remember when card companies put these kind of COA's on the backs of cards?  "The card you've just received contains a piece of a jersey patch, taken from an authentic game worn Brewers jersey worn by Richie Sexson of the Arizona Diamondbacks"!! I mean yes Richie's now with Arizona, but here is a kick ass piece of jersey from one of his old Brewers jerseys.  

Anyways it was a great prize pack and I'm really happy to be able to add all these cards to my collection.  Thanks Sam!!

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