Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TTM Success Dale Murphy!!!!

I was greeted by one of my return TTM envelopes when I got home yesterday.  It was cancelled in Utah and for the life of me I couldn't remember who I sent too in Utah.  I had sent a few large batches of cards out a while back, so much to my surprise and joy I finally got a response from one of my favorite players growing up.  Dale Murphy.  I don't remember sending 3 cards, but I forgot to write down how many I sent so I must have sent 3. Which is my upper limit.  I had been seeing lots of successes over at Sports Card Forum and I'm happy to add these great sigs to my collection.

 Thanks Dale!!

TTM Stats
Date Sent: 9/6/12
Date Recieved 12/10/12

Address Used
Dale Murphy
5406 W 11000 N Ste 103-515
Highland, UT 84003


  1. Nice success! Dale seems pretty hit or miss TTM.

    1. Hey Zman,
      Actually the address I used seems to be the mostly successful. You just might have to wait 3 months. Seems like he just did a bunch of signing from all the success being posted over at Sports Card Forum.

  2. Nice autographs...Dale Murphy was also my favorite player growing up...I sent him a 1989 Donruss and got it back signed in about 2 weeks but I used a different address then the one you used...