Friday, December 13, 2013

A great idea for Panini or the greatest idea?

I was looking at Panini's drool gallery on their blog The Knight's Lance. Mainly their high end baseball product America's Pasttime and next years Donruss and it got me thinking.  We kid about how Panini cards are kind of like the old food issues back in the 70's and 80's.  And while I think Panini has done a decent job with not being able to use logos and team names maybe it's time for Panini to embrace the food issue past and put out a set that not only honors it, but down right glorifies it.  

Just an idea.

Well maybe just an insert set. But there's an opportunity here for Panini to either just make up some food issue looking cards with blatant air brushing or maybe they could even partner with actual companies to come up with some great ideas.  New heritage Hostess and Post anyone? MSA discs? Kelloggs 3-D?

  But Panini if you steal my idea for Pete's sake please don't make this a high end product.

I am available for consulting.

cb out.

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