Saturday, December 14, 2013

Couple packs of Small Pros Series 1

 Put out by McFarlane Toys, you know the comic artist who created Spawn and puts out super realistic action and sports figures?
 Anyways I was at the store and saw that these had been marked down to a price I figure I'd like to try a couple.

The checklist consists of
Peyton Manning and a variation
Calvin Johnson
Aaron Rodgers and a variation
Andrew Luck and a variation
Trent Richardson
Jason Witten
Robert Griffen III and a varaiation
Troy Polamalu
and a Mystery figure which is SPOILER.....Adrian Peterson.

You can see a full figure gallery here

I opened my two packs and was a little disappointed that both were RG3 until I realized that I had gotten both the regular and variation. Lets have a look..

 The packaging says the age for these is 5+ but man putting these together was tough. I don't mean figuring out what goes where, just getting the body, head, and arms all in the sockets was hard.

Not too shabby. I would have been really happy had I opend both Aaron Rodgers figures, but what can you do. I also would have been happier if RG3 had had a better year.  Both are for trade if anyone wants them.

And while doing a little research online I found that there is a Series 2 due out December 18th. Just in time for stocking stuffers
Here is the Series 2 Checklist
COLIN KAEPERNICK with variation
ROB GRONKOWSKI with variation
CAM NEWTON with variation
RUSSELL WILSON with variation
and one mystery figure - Stevie Johnson (Thanks to Corky for letting me know)


  1. i would have been happier if RGIII had a better season as well :)

    i'd be interested in a swap for both of the figures. I have quite a few Heritage cards from the last 3 years and could probably help with your Brewer team sets if interested.

  2. The Series 2 surprise figure is Bills WR Stevie Johnson.

  3. These are cool. Definitely would want the Rodgers out of Series #1 and Wilson or Matthews out of Series #2.