Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hey Rickie!!

Ah Rickie Weeks. Like a flag in the breeze, sometimes Rickie is red hot and other times not so much.  And the fact that Rickie took the rest of this year off doesn't lend much to his collectability, but when you can pick up an early auto card of one of your team's franchise players for cheap, well that's not a bad thing. 

Rickie became a fixture on the Milwaukee diamond in 2005 and while some years are better than others, especially this year, he's still one of my favorites.  Rickie signed a 38 million dollar extension in 2011, so it looks like he'll be with the team at least one more year, maybe, there are are always rumors. Rickie also has the unfortunate distinction of leading the league with the most errors of all second baseman for a couple years in a row and even was ranked as the worst starting second baseman in the majors in 2009, ouch. 

Poor Rickie, I'm hoping he comes roaring back from injury next year, it would be nice. But in the mean time I really wanted to add a nice auto to my collection, since I didn't own any and I never got Rickie to sign anything for me at Spring Training or TTM. 

2004 Fleer Platinum Rickie Weeks Inscribed autograph card I-RW #d 036/200

I really like the look of the autographs from this set. So much better than those clear auto stickers they use now. There's also at least one other Brewer auto in this set and it's fairly cheap as well and that's Scott Podsednik.

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