Monday, December 23, 2013

A big year end thank you

It's just like the Beatles said, "You complete your junk wax sets with a little help from your blogging friends." I'm paraphrasing of course, but over the last month I've had some immense help with some late 80's, early 90's Topps junk wax sets.  I'm now the proud owner of 1987, 1988,. 1989, and 1990 complete sets.

And the best part is most of the trades were with guys I'd never traded with. I love adding new traders to my notebook.
If you've ever traded with me you're in here. I know old school. But it's nice I have names, addresses, blogs, what you collect, sometimes I even remember to write down the date of the trade and what we traded, all in one place. I also tend to keep all my trade emails in a folder in my email account.

So while I don't have any pictures of those trades and what we trade for, because really it was just 80's Topps cards mostly, I do want to say thanks.  So thank you Bert, Edgar, Jeff, Chris, and Ken for some great year end trades and to everyone else who traded with me this year.. I'm hoping to have everyone's packages in the mail by the end of this week I promise.

I'm glad I was able to get a few in before my man cave was totally disassembled.  I've been slowly moving boxes and boxes out to the shed.  Not the ideal place to store my collection, but I've got no choice. My wife was nice enough to allow me a large shelf to put some stuff on inside. So that'll be occupied by my PC's and a few boxes of sets I'm working on and a box of my  other non PC or team set cards that are too valuable to put out in the cold.

But if I don't post before Christmas, Happy Holidays to everyone. And remember after next Sunday the 4th Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web will start.

cb out

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  1. That "trade log" is an awesome idea (if only I wasn't so lazy). Happy holidays!