Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Anchorage Card Scene

Well I got some feedback with questions about the Anchorage card scene, well actually one from Roy over at the Paper Chase.  Anywho, I realize most people have never been up here to the 49th state so I'd thought I'd give a little info on the card scene here.  A little background first for me I moved up here in 1998 for a job and have been living here ever since.  I spent the last 4 years living in a small town in Southeast Alaska called Haines.  It's very nice, very small and a long ways from anything, I'm sure if you read this blog with any consistancy you'll remember me bitching about living there.  So I moved back to Anchorage about a month and a half ago for a new job and well I'm back in the card scene the only problem is the selves are getting bare with new stuff.  Exclusivity sucks. 

Sorry sorry back to topic.   So basicly Roy was curious what kinda card scene there was up here cuz in Syracuse where he's going to school there is nothing.  Which kinda shocked me seeing as I'm from a small town in Northern Wisconsin and even we had a card shop, as a matter of fact it's still there, been there over 25 years!

So a quick tour of Anchorage.  My favorite card shop is Don's Sportcards.
This is the only pure card shop in town.  And the closest one to my apartment.  He's got lots of singles.  Decent prices and is always willing to help a fellow collector.

The other two shops are Boscos  and A#1 Comics.  I didn't have time to get pictures but they both have their own websites.  Both are primarily comic book stores but sell cards as well.  Boscos actually has a nice dedicated card room and they keep all sorts of wax around.  Don's and Boscos also host trade nights and have drawings for packs and boxes and you can trade cards with people. 

And occasionally someone will have some ambition and put together a card show at one of the malls here.  To be honest they usually suck, have nothing I want and are overpriced.  But I go just because well cause I can. 
Well this is going to be my last post for about a week or so I think.  I'm headed down to Haines to get my girlfriend and dog and bring them up to Anchorage.  I know a few people have expressed interest in Heritage trading and I'm not blowing you guys off cuz I do want to do some trading. 

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  1. Thanks Buddha. We have one place in the 'burbs of Syracuse, but I've only been there once and it was an awful experience (Plus, it's 45 minutes away).

    I've actually been to Alaska (Yakutat, Juneau, Cordova and the Anchorage airport). I didn't have much time to look around, plus I was out of the hobby in 2007, so I never noticed any card shops.

    The good news is I'll be moving to Buffalo, NY for school in August. That wonderful website everyone knows as "Dave & Adam's Card World"? Three locations, plus a warehouse in the Buffalo area.

    Once again, thanks for the post.