Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why I love Alaska

I'm a cold weather person.  Being from Northern Wisconsin I can say that.  Maybe that was the draw of moving up to Alaska too.  That and there's oceans here and mountains.  Both of which are in short supply in Wisconsin.  Anyway I was all comfy in bed this morning dreading getting up for work, missing my girlfriend who I haven't seen in about a month now and I get up and look out the window and what to I see.  More snow.  Now you all say but your in Alaska of course there's snow.  Well that's true most of the year but actually most of the snow was gone.  And now we have about 6 more inches to enjoy.  This time of year scares me.  Not because of the snow, I have no problem driving in snow, it's all the other people here who seem to have a problem with it.  And it's been nice here in Anchorage since I moved back about a month ago.  People were getting use to dry iceless roads.  Until today.  In Alaska we're allowed to have studded tires for driving on ice and snow.  While I've managed 12 years up here without them, but I do have 4 wheel drive, most people can't live without their studded tires and then they think they can drive like a bat out of hell.   

I guess what I love about Alaska is that you never know what's going to happen at least weather wise.  That and you could always get eaten by a bear or stomped by a moose. 

Can you tell I had nothing to say today. 

Hey Cardsplitter, I'll look through my Topps extras tonight and I'm definately up for a trade, I think I might even have some extra inserts you need.  I'll email you later.  As for the rest of you Bastages keep up the good work. 

CB out!


  1. that looks like the view from my window... Calgary has been hit by snow the last week, after finally getting rid of all of it.

  2. I miss Alaska. I spent a month (near) Cordova in 2007 and I neeeed to go back.

  3. I actually stole that picture from the internet for drama. And the 2 times i've been to Cordova it's been raining cats and dogs.