Monday, April 12, 2010

Topps Finest Redemption # 1 is announced.

I see that Sports Card Info beat me too it but screw it I'm going to post anyways.  The Topps Blog just announced the first Topps Finest Redemption it's Jason Heyward.  And guess what some of them are going to be autographed!!  Just like last year with Gordon Beckham and the red hot rookie redemptions 10% will be autographed and Topps points this out with exclaimation points ON CARD!!!!!  Maybe Topps heard our yells, maybe this is the start of something good.

And it looks like the auto version will have a different photo on it too.  Bummer for all those who sold them or not.  I'm debated whether or not to hold on to my #3 redemption or put it on ebay.

And even with Ryan Braun slugging a 3 run homer it looks like my Brewers are going to take a loss in the first game of the series with the Cubs.  I hope this is not a picture of what is to come with this bullpen.  Very disappointing.

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