Monday, April 26, 2010

The Great Heritage ClusterF@#k

Well I did it.  I finally went out and got my sweetie and engagement ring.  And then I got spend happy and pissed at Topps.  I don't know why I ever decided to try and put together a Heritage set.  I should have saved my money and time.  My favorite card shop is completely out of Heritage and has no plans of getting more siting the cost just to get it.  The other shop in town has raised the price per box to 119 bucks!! That's 20 bucks more than the last box I bought.  So I decided to hit up all the Wally Worlds, Targets and Fred Meyers in the Greater Anchorage Area and buy some blasters.  And I now have officially bought out the anchorage area of Heritage Blasters.  Well at least I thought I had but I just found 3 more at another store.  Haven't bought them doubt I will.  Anywho out of the 7 blasters I paid 19.99 a piece about 140 bucks. That's about 2.50 a pack.  Not to back considering packs are going for 5.50 for a hobby a pack and 3.00 from the gravity feed dispensers at Wally world.  I got one relic, not worth posting, about 20 to 25 high number short prints, 5 chrome, and about a dozen inserts all of which don't need a picture of.

So in all I got 448 cards counting all inserts ect and I still don't have the base set not including short prints.  Geezzz.  I think i'm going to hit up some trade nights in town to get the base done and maybe.  I'll post my needs list and if anyone want to trade for some cards I'd be up for that.

Topps Series 2 better be worth the wait.  :[


  1. How much of a collecting scene is there in Anchorage?

    You mention trade nights and at least two shops...and Syracuse has, well, neither.

  2. Hey Buddha-

    Just came across your site from the Blog Roll. I too am trying to complete the 2010 Heritage. I have make several trades with Night Owl, Nachos Grande, Play At the Plate, Saints of the Cheap Seats. Please shoot me an email swk473 at aol .com and maybe we can work something out. I also have a number of 80's oddball Younts and Brewers I would love to get rid of as well. Hope to hear from you.