Friday, April 9, 2010

Bored at work so I thought I'd waste some precious time with this.

Well I'm sitting here and i've been at work all of an hour and I'm already ready for the weekend.  Been at a workshop learning about culverts and fish passage for most of the week.  Riveting stuff, but seeing as this will be my focus for the next couple years enlighting. 

Anywhoo,  I've been following the Upper Deck death debate through the blogosphere and leaving little turds of comments here and there where I felt I should or could.  It's been on my mind for while.  I've been thinking about this since the Konami incedent.  There seems to be so much fear about what the cardscape will look like if UD goes under.  I personally am not all that worried.  I have a feeling UD will be resurrected or resusitated to some degree.  Lets be honest there are still remenants of old card companies around.  Usually their likeness is bought by a bigger company ect.  Topps did it with Bowman, UD with Fleer and O Pee Chee, Panini with Donruss, look at all the retro sets being produced.

I follow UD on their blog and on facebook.  They give away a lot of stuff kinda like Becketts Free Stuff Fridays.  Now Topps is in on the blogging fun here and giving away stuff.  I actually like that Topps now has a blog.  To be honest I tend to be snippy with UD when they post some crap about how great they are.  And I plan to be snippy with Topps.  Lets face it Topps main website sucks.  It's almost impossible to find any information you're looking for on a set.  There checklists are a job and impossible to use.  And it seems like the site gets update one a quarter.  There doesn't seem to any news anymore about upcoming releases, not that Topps could keep to their release dates anyways.  You'll see I have no sponsors and I never get anything for free.  Not that I wouldn't mind either, but I voice my opinion and I'll always do that.  And you may not agree with me but that's ok.  Some people think that UD is the end all be all of cards,  I disagree.  Now they do put out some nice stuff and do top end really well and I like the fact they are getting back to on card autos.  Do you hear me TOPPS we like on card autos not crappy mass signed stickers. I have to say the one set I really loved this year from UD is it's Champs.  I know retro has been done to death but the cards look great.  To bad the resell I've seen on ebay is pretty poor.  And to be honest the fact that you'd have to buy over 5 boxes just to have a chance at putting together the base set let alone all the auto's relics that are all numbered into the set.  I do like the oddball mini, wonders of the world ect.  I love that stuff.  Unfortunately my biggest disappointment with UD is the Exquisite release.  After watching a ton of box breaks and searching though listings on ebay.  I'm just not impressed.  I'm mean there are some nice cards in the set don't get me wrong but it's just not that original.  And the cheapest box i've seen is just over 500 bucks, here in Anchorage the card shop that carries it was selling it at 600 bucks a pop.  Just don't see the value in the product. 

See this is what happens when i don't blog in a week I get all this stuff pent up and it all comes out in one long rambling post.  Anywho love to hear any comments.  Congrat to JayBee on getting over 300 blogs on the blogroll. 

I also encourage everyone to check out the UD and Topps blogs and give them a peace of your mind or your accolades.  I think that these blogs offer real time feedback to the companies and they could use it.  Maybe we can get Topps to start using on card autos, at least in there high end products.  I've got a few project posts in the works I've just been lazy and I need to do some research. 

Until next time keep up the good work.

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