Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm feeling hollow.

So i go to my favorite card shop the other day thinking I might buy some of his single Heritage to start filling in holes in my set or maybe buy another box.  When I get there I notice his price has gone up to 90  bucks a box!!  Holy crap.  It's not that much more expensive then the other big card shop in town but wow and blow out has them for 82.  I had sticker shock.   Not because the price was so high, but it was so high for kinda a crapy box of cards.  I'm not saying the set isn't nice, but the inserts and hits aren't all that great.  I did end up buying one box earlier in the month after I bought my blaster for the Cardboard Junkies fantasy league.  I've already put one Topps Series 1 set together and am about 20 to 30 cards shy of another, so I thought maybe I'd give Heritage a try.  The owner of the card shop was totally cool and pointed out if I was just in it for the set I might as well just buy blasters from wally world or target, and he was right.  So I didn't end up buying a box of Heritage, I ended up buying his last sealed box of 206 which was still 90 bucks or so but I did get some nice hits I'll post the break later with pics.

So know we get to the point of my post.  I'm feeling hollow.  I don't know what I want to do.  I'm starting to see the reality of this Topps exclusive MLB deal.  I'm even contemplating trying to put together a UD set of the "illegal card" which are still everywhere.  I'm bored there isn't anything I want to buy, no packs to try, boring.  I don't want to put together a Pro Debut set.  I'm jonesing man!! I guess I can wait for Series 2 to hit next month but man this sucks.  It makes me wonder what the football card landscape will look like this year.   If I had a million dollars I might even try to put a Champs hockey set together.  I really like the looks of these cards but it's the same  problems with Goodwin Champions.  Expensive and not a lot of cards.  Although I do like the mini's.  Especially the oddballs.  Love me them dinosaurs.  Anywho.  My point is I look at this years baseball rack and the cupboard is almost bare.  it was funny looking at the shelf in the card shop and seeing 3 boxes of Heritage left one open for packs, 1 open box of topps series 1 regular and 1 Jumbo and that was it for this year's stuff, he still had some of last years stuff. ung. Well I better get back to work.  Keep up the good work everybody.


  1. I've noticed prices sky rocketing lately, too. Pro Debut has gone up $30 since release... WTF? I'm not going to spend more just because it's the only option. I'm going to buy less.

  2. If you have almost enough for 2 sets of 2010 Topps 1, then maybe you have the four stinking cards I need to complete mine.

    I have a Jermichael Finley/Korey Hall/Matt Flynn triple scripts SP Signature (31/50) to make it worth your while if you do...

    My wants are on my blog, if you want.