Friday, April 9, 2010

Cynicalbuddha's Manifesto part 1

My god am I bored.  I've been cutting and pasting information all morning and needed a break.  So my second post in 2 hours.  Remember back at the New Year when everybody was putting out the state of their collection and stating what their goals were or are ect ect.  I remember at the time that I had nothing to say.  I was going to keep my Yount and Rollie Fingers collections going.  My Rollie collection has added some great cards.  My Yount collection has slowed but I know that there are at least 5 new Yount cards in Topps Series 1 alone this year and a whole rainbow in Topps Tribute.  There is no way I can compete for the really rare 1 of 1 Younts in Tribute I just won't drop that much on a card.  Yep I'm cheap, yet I've picked up the red and two printing plates of Rollie Fingers from the set and each card was under 20 bucks.  I'm only missing the regular and the gold and i've got the rainbow and 2 extra rare cards to go with it.  Who know maybe the other printing plates will we up for auction again soon.  I started a modest Frank "Big Hurt" Thomas collection.  I already had a bunch of his cards so I figured  now that he's retired I might try a little harder.

So I've been contemplating my Team or Teams I guess.  Begin from Wisconsin I'm a diehard Packers fan and a modestly fanatic Brewers fan.  It's been a nice couple of year not to be in the dumper and be contenders.  Who knows maybe someday we'll get to relive that cinderella 1982 season that we almost won a World Series.  So I decided since the Brewers have only been around since 1970 and have cards dating back to 1971 I'd try to put together teams sets from at least all the Topps sets.  Knowing that the 1975 and 1978 would be my most expensive with the Yount and Molitor rookies in those sets respectively but seeing as I already have their rookies it's no big deal.  I was just persusing COMC to see what kind of selection they might have and I'm pretty sure I can get decent cards for cheap.  Not cheap shipping mind you, which is still COMC's biggest drawback, although they are cheaper than Topps Million Card It's not Really a Give away since you have to pay for Shipping promotion.

Rambling again, getting hungary.  OK so to rap this up.  I know you don't care but this is good to solidify in writing my goals. I realize why so many bloggers did it earlier this year.

1.  Keep putting together my Yount, Fingers, and Reggie Jackson collections and when possible pick up cool cheap Frank Thomas, Bo Jackson, Ryan Braun, and Prince Fielder cards.

2.  Pick up cool vintage Packer cards for the cheap if possible.

3.  Put together my Breweres team sets from 1971 to Present.

4.  Complete all my Topps sets from when I started collecting in 1987 to present.

5. Start to sell down my inventory in my closet and do some trades if possible.

6.  Start trying to make some custom cards and send out for autographs.  PS if anyone knows a good site with some how to tips leave a comment.

That's it for part 1, hell that might be it altogether if I don't think of anything else.  Alright I'm off to lunch.

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