Friday, April 16, 2010

Wandering in Bloggertown

Well I knew this was going to happen.  I knew I had 15 minutes of work to fill a day.  Yet here I am bitching about how little I have to do.  My supervisor is out today and her supervisor is out today.  Know what that means???  It means I wonder why I even came into work today. 

So I'm sitting here persuing my reading list, bouncing from site to the next and then i decided to surg Blogger.  Has anyone else ever done this?  I have no idea how to search Blogger for other blogs I don't even know if you can but they have that little button up at the top that says Next Blog.  So I click it to see where it takes me.  It's amazing how may horseriding, surfer, and knitting blogs there are.  I did however actually find a couple of cool blogs to put on the reading list.  I wish I had written them down some where so I could link but i didn't so look at the side bar and see if you can find them.  One is an art blog from a guy who draws on odd stuff.  I think the 2 most recent posts were scans for coffee sleeve art.  I found a general rant blog, who doens't love to rant.  As for me I finally have gotten a few new cards in the mail.  I won a Finest lot to help fill in holes in my set.  I took all the rookies I could find that I needed.  I also got a card I needed for my 2009 Tribute Rollie Fingers rainbow.  Anticlimatic it's just the base card, but oddly one I've had trouble getting, plus it was paired with a Sal Bando card.  I think the seller was just pairing the 2 A's together to make it more appealing.  Now all I need is that ellusive gold parallel and my rainbow is complete. 

Well it's lunch time. Party on!
CB out

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  1. I used to do this frequently. About half of what I saw was in Japanese.