Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2013 Topps Update Jumbo Box Break and Review

Another one of my day late and dollar short box breaks and reviews.  I finally picked up a jumbo box of 2013 Topps Update Baseball.  I won't bore you by rehashing the continuity inserts and base cards.

We have 330 cards in the set and in that set the super hot rookie Yasiel Puig has two cards, US250 and US330. The US330 is his rookie debut card but both cards have the rookie card logo on them. He also has 3 variations available for his US250 card. But I'll let the Dodgers bloggers tackle those cards. You can see photos here.

Topps continues with the Chasing History and Making Their Mark inserts. Those inserts also have auto and relic variations.

The first new insert for update is the Franchise Forerunners. These have auto and auto relic variations.
 The next inserts is the Postseason Heroes set. This is one I'm thinking about putting together.  I like the look of the cards and they feature some greats of the game. These also have auto and auto relic versions.

There are also the Rings, Coins and mini Silk cards which I got none of.

For some reason Topps did not continue it's mini insert from Series 1 and 2 into Update. Instead they opted to insert a new mini. The 1971 Topps Mini
I got 10 of these and true to form I'll be putting this insert set together as well.

As usual There were plenty of color parallel cards to chase of you favorite players.  I ended up getting 10 gold cards of nobody worth scanning and 10 emerald I did get a couple players of note.

No sapphire or black parallels, but I did wrangle one camo parallel.

I also managed to snag one photo variation. 

On to the hits!  I'm starting to feel like Topps is using false advertising on the boxes now, stating that you get one auto and two relics in every Jumbo box, when one of those "relics" is a manurelic. But I'm not the card police.  
First up we have a card I'd been following on ebay, but had not pulled the trigger on.

I love when I pull a card that I want for my team set or player collection.  And Jean is the lone Brewer in the set with a relic this year. These All-Star stitches have double and triple variations as well and auto relics and jumbo relic cards.

My auto was of Red's pitcher Tony Cingrani.  I have a feeling a certain Red's blogger out there might want to trade for this one, maybe?

And while I dislike that Topps advertises these cards as relics they are still really nice. I ended up with a Commemorative Pin card of Mike Trout.  These cards are thick and heavy and really look good in hand.

I also ended up with a complete set of base cards out of the box which is always a bonus.  Most of my hits are up on ebay right now helping me to recoup some cost and justifying the buying of the box to the wife. But I do have a few extra base if anyone has some set needs and I have a bunch of the other inserts still too.


  1. Congrats on getting a hit you actually wanted!

  2. On the bright side at least Topps did have an auto in the box. Have to give them that much.

  3. If you look at the odds on the back of the individula packs, they are depressingly astronomical.
    This whole insert thing is basically like "lotto."
    Investing aa relatively small amount of $, to hit the big jackpot (which essentially doesn't exist!)