Saturday, October 5, 2013

The 3rd Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web - Official Entries and such

Wow I'm impressed. I wasn't sure how many people would show up, but honestly I think this might be the biggest turn out yet for one of my contests.

Here are your official entries.  If I've made a mistake please let me know. Here they are in the order you guys posted.

Greg Zakwin - Dodgers over Oakland in 6 games, 7 HRs

Play at the Plate- Dodgers over Oakland in 5 games with 8 homeruns. PIMP

Richard Nebe Jr - Boston over the Braves in 5 with 7 homers. PIMP

Cards from the Quarry - Cardinals over the Indians in 6 with 13 homers.

JediJeff - Tigers over the Dodgers in 5 - 12 dingers.

The Lost Collector - A's over the Braves, 6 HRs.

CaptKirk42 - A's over Pirates full 7 games 16 HRs

Reds Card Collector -Braves over the Tigers in 6 with 7 HRs 

Bo - Cardinals over A's in 5 with 4 HRs

defgav - Dodgers over Tigers in 7 with 7 HRs.

Stealing Home - Dodgers over Red Sox 5 Games 11 HRs

Dion's IP Autos Only - Tigers over Braves in 6, 8 HRs

Skroeker - Braves over Red Sox 6 Games, 9 HR

Superduperman99 - Cardinals over the A's in 6 with 9 home runs

Dhoff - Tigers over Braves in 7, a dozen dingers.

Brian Conrad - Pirates over Red Sox. in 6 Games. 9 homers

Chris - Dodgers over Tigers in 6, 11 HRs. 

Shane Patrick - Cardinals over A's in 6. 11 touh 'em alls

Night Owl - Indians over Pirates (believe it!) in 7 insane ones. 7 homers. 

Spiegel83 - Dodgers over A's in 5 games with 3 total homers.

Andrew Carwile - Cardinals over Boston in 6. 6 homeruns

Jeff S. - Pirates over Oakland in 7 games with 8HRs (70's retro World Series)

Fuji - Athletics over the Dodgers in 6, 14 home runs...

Need More Cardboard - Braves over Athletics in 5. 9 HR  PIMP

Pirates Treasure Room - Pirates over Rays in 6 games, 9HR

Chris Reed - Dodgers over Athletics in 6. 7 HR

Chunter - Dodgers over Boston in 6, 8 HR

AdamE - Red Sox over Dodgers 6 games, 14 HR.

Jafronius -Tigers over Dodgers in 6 games. 10 homers.

Wilson -  Cardinals over Boston in 7, 10 HR PIMP

That;s 30 entries by my count and not a single person picked the Rays to win.  Spoiler alert!

Alright boys and girls good luck and I'll be posting updates along the way as teams get eliminated and I find a nice door prize too.

cb out

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