Sunday, October 13, 2013

3rd Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web, Update after the Divisional Playoff Series

Sorry about the delay, I meant to post something a couple days ago, but got a little busy.  Anyway, we lost about a third of our contestants at the end of the Divisional Series.

Greg Zakwin - Dodgers over Oakland in 6 games, 7 HRs

Play at the Plate- Dodgers over Oakland in 5 games with 8 homeruns. PIMP

Richard Nebe Jr - Boston over the Braves in 5 with 7 homers. PIMP

Cards from the Quarry - Cardinals over the Indians in 6 with 13 homers.

JediJeff - Tigers over the Dodgers in 5 - 12 dingers.

The Lost Collector - A's over the Braves, 6 HRs.

CaptKirk42 - A's over Pirates full 7 games 16 HRs

Reds Card Collector -Braves over the Tigers in 6 with 7 HRs 

Bo - Cardinals over A's in 5 with 4 HRs

defgav - Dodgers over Tigers in 7 with 7 HRs.

Stealing Home - Dodgers over Red Sox 5 Games 11 HRs

Dion's IP Autos Only - Tigers over Braves in 6, 8 HRs

Skroeker - Braves over Red Sox 6 Games, 9 HR

Superduperman99 - Cardinals over the A's in 6 with 9 home runs

Dhoff - Tigers over Braves in 7, a dozen dingers.

Brian Conrad - Pirates over Red Sox. in 6 Games. 9 homers

Chris - Dodgers over Tigers in 6, 11 HRs. 

Shane Patrick - Cardinals over A's in 6. 11 touh 'em alls

Night Owl - Indians over Pirates (believe it!) in 7 insane ones. 7 homers. 

Spiegel83 - Dodgers over A's in 5 games with 3 total homers.

Andrew Carwile - Cardinals over Boston in 6. 6 homeruns

Jeff S. - Pirates over Oakland in 7 games with 8HRs (70's retro World Series)

Fuji - Athletics over the Dodgers in 6, 14 home runs...

Need More Cardboard - Braves over Athletics in 5. 9 HR  PIMP

Pirates Treasure Room - Pirates over Rays in 6 games, 9HR

Chris Reed - Dodgers over Athletics in 6. 7 HR

Chunter - Dodgers over Boston in 6, 8 HR

AdamE - Red Sox over Dodgers 6 games, 14 HR.

Jafronius -Tigers over Dodgers in 6 games. 10 homers.

Wilson -  Cardinals over Boston in 7, 10 HR PIMP

As if you didn't know we have the Sox  vs the Tigers, and the Cards vs. the Dodgers in the League Championsips Series.  And I think I found a nice door prize you guys will like.  

More on that later, after the World Series is set.

cb out.

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