Sunday, October 20, 2013

3rd Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web World Series Finalist!! And then there were 7.

Wow I thought the Tigers might have forced a game 7. That was until the 7th inning last night.  Either way we now have our World Series teams set. We lost a lot of people in the last round and now have just 7 moving on. And of those 7 noone picked the Red Sox over the Cardinals, but we have two that picked the Cards over the Red Sox. So if the Cards pull it out that will be the first time I've had anyone, let alone two people pick the correct team and the correct opponent.  Pretty cool.  Here is the line up that we had going into the LCS games.
Greg Zakwin - Dodgers over Oakland in 6 games, 7 HRs

Play at the Plate- Dodgers over Oakland in 5 games with 8 homeruns. PIMP

Richard Nebe Jr - Boston over the Braves in 5 with 7 homers. PIMP

Cards from the Quarry - Cardinals over the Indians in 6 with 13 homers.

JediJeff - Tigers over the Dodgers in 5 - 12 dingers.

Bo - Cardinals over A's in 5 with 4 HRs

defgav - Dodgers over Tigers in 7 with 7 HRs.

Stealing Home - Dodgers over Red Sox 5 Games 11 HRs

Dion's IP Autos Only - Tigers over Braves in 6, 8 HRs

Superduperman99 - Cardinals over the A's in 6 with 9 home runs

Dhoff - Tigers over Braves in 7, a dozen dingers.

Chris - Dodgers over Tigers in 6, 11 HRs. 

Shane Patrick - Cardinals over A's in 6. 11 touh 'em alls

Spiegel83 - Dodgers over A's in 5 games with 3 total homers.

Andrew Carwile - Cardinals over Boston in 6. 6 homeruns

Chris Reed - Dodgers over Athletics in 6. 7 HR

Chunter - Dodgers over Boston in 6, 8 HR

AdamE - Red Sox over Dodgers 6 games, 14 HR.

Jafronius -Tigers over Dodgers in 6 games. 10 homers.

Wilson -  Cardinals over Boston in 7, 10 HR PIMP

Remember you were playing for that sweet box set of Pinnacle The Naturals and 1990 Topps Coins set. I'll also be throwing in some vinatge packs I have lying around. Vintage being over 20 years old! Ahem yeah that puts them in the junk wax era.  
I also found a nice door prize for all who entered. 
How's about some vintage!! Real vintage this time.  I've got 3 1969 Topps cards to give away.  Nobody special and condition is well loved, but still 69 Topps.  

Thanks everybody who played and pimped.  Next contest post will be the winner announcement.  

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