Monday, October 7, 2013

Trades at the Plate!! And some Dimwittedness.

See what I did there?
I've traded with Brian who writes the great blog Play at the Plate many many times.  He's a Rangers fan so I usually save all my Rangers for him. I find a special kinship with Brian. I've never met him or spoke with him, only emails and comments on the blog, but we started are blogs literally days apart.  He recently celebrated 4 years. I'm about 6 days away.
Anyways Brian was looking for some Topps Chipz Rangers which I had two to offer. So we worked up a little trade.  A nice smattering of shiny Brewers card. Lot of "He who shall not be named" and a cool Peralta mini chrome Bowman, not to be confused with a Bowman Chrome mini card. They're different, seriously. And my first Brewers Topps Chipz.
A few days ago I got the second part of our trade in the mail.  In it was a card I've been waiting for. I'll post more on that card later, but Brian also included this Wonders of the World 2013 A&G box topper.
I'm a sucker for those Ginter history subjects.
I ended up pulling one of the modern wonders from my box of Allen and Ginter and had been debating whether or not to pursue the set.  But now I've been pushed in that direction.

I also worked out a trade with Sam over at the Daily Dimwit.  For some reason I was sure I'd traded with Sam before, but I couldn't find him anywhere in my Traders notebook.  I must have been involved in one of his group breaks.  Anyway he was interested in a Arian Foster die cut I had pulled from my Topps Football box.  I ended up throwing in a relic card from this year's Ginter of an Astro, I can't remember who.  I also sent a stack of Astros cards because Sam is the only Astros fan I know.  In return he was able to knock a large section of my 2013 A&G want list off. Not all trades are glamorous, but it's just like the Stones said, sometimes you get what you need. And I always appreciate getting help with completing a set.

Thanks guys.

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  1. Didn't realize I "bipped" you with two of those Braun cards, but better your house than mine. I hope the big cards made it safely.