Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gold Mining - 54 Snider

By now I was hoping to have had my Topps Update box break posted, but since I've yet to buy the box. That hasn't happened yet.  Bosco's does triple trade night tickets from 10 to noon on Saturday so I'll probably grab it then. They're also having a warehouse sale going on this weekend, so I'll see what diamonds I can dig up there.

I feel pretty blessed to live in a place that has two great card shops.  Bosco's which is also a big comic book shop and Don's which is purely sport cards.  The best part is that each shop is different. Bosco's has a ton of wax on the shelves and assorted stuff spread around the card area. Don's is more of a vintage shop. Don does has the latest wax and sometimes some odd ball stuff when he buys collections, but Don's been collecting since he was a kid in the sixties and a lot of the older stuff in the shop is from his own collection.  That being said I also like Don's for its drop board in the shop.  Don puts up cards on the wall and every week the price gets lower and lower until it sells or reaches a dollar. I love going in to see what's cheap on the boards. I usually walk out with a hand full of cheap autos and relics, usually of has beens and never wheres, but occasionally I find a diamond. Sometimes that's a rough diamond.  Don had all taken down most of the cards to reduce prices, so I was flipping through the stacks I came across this guy.

1954 Topps Duke Snider.  It was originally marked at 30 bucks, but had slid down to a ten spot and I really couldn't pass it up.  Sure the corners are dog eared and soft and the back looks like it had been glued onto something and ripped off.  But the front color is still bright.

This is now the third vintage Snider card I own. I also have a '63 and '64.  Welcome to the family.

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