Friday, October 4, 2013

3rd Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web - Last call reminder!!! I'm serious.

I'll right I'm back.  Just wanted one last reminder post if anyone who hasn't signed up for my World Series contest wants too and wants to pimp it for an extra entry into the door prize.  Go HERE for the official entry post.

I still need to dig out something for that, but I figure I'd give you a better look at one of the prizes for the contest.  If you win you'll get a sealed version of Pinnacles 1994 The Naturals box set.  I picked up one for myself not too long ago.
Each box comes with it's own COA and faux velvet lined interior.
I really like the Dufex cards.
Pictures and scans really don't do these cards justice.  They are really shiny.

Remember you have until noon Alaska time tomorrow.  I have to say so far the response has been pretty awesome.  It might also top any of my contests so far, so thank you for that.  

Tomorrow I'll have the official picks list and hopefully have figured out all the prizes.  Thanks for everyone who pimped the contest.

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