Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sanity restored?

I'd like to thank everyone who left feedback on my Stop the Insanity post.  It figures after I post that I end up finding some great deals on the COMC site.  And to clarify I wasn't bitching about the prices of the high end stuff.  You know the super rare auto relic universofractor numbered to 3 kind of cards, no I was bitching about the low to mid range stuff. 

To be honest the card that set this off was this little old Robin Yount High Tek card.

It's the whirlpool or spiral pattern. It's the next rarest card after the base card. I paid $3 for this card.  It's still sitting in my account waiting to be shipped and it'll probably be there for at least a few more months.  So after I bought that card I had my eyes on the base card which was priced about the same.  Three dollars for the base card seemed fair as well. I mean this was a pretty high end product. But I needed a little more cash and I've been building my store credit up with the COMC challenges.  By the time I had the money in my account that $3 card was gone and some one had put 2 more up for $50 a piece.  Seriously, then someone else put one up and under cut those two cards by pricing theirs at $42.50, huh? And a fourth card popped up at the much more reasonable price of $33.  This is what pissed me off.  I understand you can list your cards for whatever price you want, but this is ridiculous. There are other examples on the site as well, but this is the one that got me going.

Fast forward to last week and those cards were still up there for the crazy prices and someone offered this card for a whole $2.25.

 Did I buy it. Hell yeah I did.  This is the Gold Diffractor #d to 99.  For less that I probably would have paid for the base card.  That my friends was a deal.  But that's not all I also picked up a couple Triple Thread parallels on the cheap as well.
 This Amythest parallel set me back a whole $1.47.  If you take out the quarter COMC tacks on I got this card for a $1.22. Not too shabby at all.

Then I saw this beauty as well.
This is the Onyx parallel numbered to just 50.  It set me back another $2.00.

In the end, my point is  there still  seem to be some people who still want to sell some cards and there are deals to be had.

On a side note I took the advice left in the comments and did an error report on those high priced base cards.  Since I did that yesterday 3 have been removed for sale.  We'll have to see if they get relisted at a reasonable price.


  1. I did much the same thing earlier in February -- added a ton of Younts, Gomezes, and Lucroys to my collection thanks to reasonably priced cards. I actually got the High Tek from someone in a package without even asking for it, so I was living a charmed life then!