Thursday, March 19, 2015

Some semi-interesting news from the Industry Summit

I get the Sports Collector's Daily feed on my Facebook feed.  I like it. It interjects some much needed hobby news in my relatively lame stream feed.

Anyways some may know that the Industry Summit just rapped up and SCD had a nice post summing up the announcements from the big 3.  Nothing really exciting from Upper Deck other than they extended their contract with Michael Jordan. I don't know what that means since Upper Deck doesn't have an NBA license and Panini seems to have locked up all the collegiate stuff as well.  Panini's big announcements seemed to revolve around soccer.  But Topps had a lot to say.

OK here's the break down.  The big news is that Topps has finally decided to heed the yells from the shop owners and collector's about it releasing so many baseball products after the season.  So it's moving up a bunch of it's releases like Chrome, Stadium Club and Finest.  It's also getting rid of Bowman Sterling and Inception. It's also, sadly getting rid of Prime Football, which is a shame, since Prime is one of my favorite football releases and I'm surprised that Topps never tried to carrier over the brand to Baseball.

Topps has also decided to split Bowman up into 2 series, it's bring back Bowman's Best, and it will release Heritage High Number series as it's own packed product instead of an online box set exclusive.  No word if they plan on throwing in all their left over Update card in the packs again too.

Topps is also adding High Tek Football, Strata Baseball and the new Diamond Football (analogous to Dynasty Baseball).

I'm sure there will be lots of other stuff not announced that will come down the pipeline.  I'm kind of bummed that Topps still hasn't listened to a large number of us that would love the return of Topps Total, in either or both Football or Baseball, but what can you do.

In other Topps news, Tribute came out this week and I guess the product is riddled with defects.  Topps even posted on Facebook that they'll be issuing a statement about it.

Alright that's it. Feel free to comment.

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  1. So effectively, Topps solution for easing the post-season product parade is a net gain of two products. The eliminate two products and add FOUR. They answered complaints about too much product by adding more product. Lovely.