Monday, March 23, 2015

The Lamest trade post ever!

I apologize this is going to be really lame.  Really,really lame, but I need to put a big thank you out there to some great traders.

First a big thank you to those that I haven't recognized.  Johnny from Johnny's Trading Spot, Jimmy from Talking Smack Cards, Caitlin from Yankees and Jay, which I guess doesn't exist anymore, and of course Tony L from Off Hiatus Baseball cards.  All great trades and I'm pretty sure I didn't post about most of them.

I also got two nice big trade stacks in the mail last week and I figure I'd at least take a photo of the haul.  The big stack is from Jedi Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes.  Jeff sent me a huge stack of 2014 A & G  and Topps needs as well a big old pile of Brewers.  I'm still working though them.

The other pile came from Colbey at Cardboard Collections.  He was breaking a set of 2011 Diamond Giveaway Baseball and I didn't have the Brewers team set.  I asked if he'd take a Lego poly bag instead of money and he agreed.  He also sent me a nice stack of Brewers and a Judge Minifigure from Series 9.

So thank you to everyone that's offered trades.  They mean a lot and even though most of my trades aren't very flashy they are all appreciated.

cb out.


  1. a gratitude post is never lame :)

  2. I should have mentioned this before, but I'm just glad you got the cards I sent to you!