Friday, March 27, 2015

The best card I found in my blaster of Opening Day

I ended up picking up a blaster of Opening Day, for some reason.  I don't know why. I don't plan on putting the set together and I've already ordered my Brewers master team set, so I guess I just wanted to bust some wax, err plastic, whatever.  It's kind of sad that I enjoy the inserts from this low end set more than the flagship.  Anyways I was flipping through the cards and noticed this card of Scooter Gennett signing autographs.  And I thought that's cool then I noticed it was one of those Stadium Scenes inserts and as I looked closer I realize that that's not Miller Park.

Nope that's Wrigley.  And all I could do was laugh, because now if you're a Cubs collector you need this card featuring a Brewer on the front for your Cubs collection, or not.


  1. Those Stadium cards are horrible, I plan on writing about the 2 I got within the next week. The idea wasn't bad, but the pictures they chose were abysmal.

  2. Haven't opened any Opening Day and haven't seen many singles from this set... but based on what I have seen... I agree with Jupiterhill 100%. Cool idea. Poor selection of photos.