Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2010 Topps Football 2 Jumbos Break

Well I've been waiting for a while for my annual Topps Football.  Now I got it.  I bought these 2 jumbos from different stores about a week apart.  The reason I didn't buy my second box from the same store is I got the case hit from the 1st box so I figured I'd try my luck elsewhere.

I won't bore you with all the inserts and what not just the hits and goodies.

So I'm not breaking down box by box here this is the hits from both.
I got one black parallel from the first box and this gold Tebow from the second.
Are there only gold parallels of rookies in the jumbos???
Cuz at one per pack I got 20 rookie gold parallels and not a single vet. hmm wierd.

Each box boasts 2 autos and 1 relic.
So here are the basic relics I got.

I like the horizontal layout of the Peak Performance cards and they work well with jersey versions too.  I kinda wish that Topps had done a 2020 version in football instead of Legendary Linage.

It's funny or not funny I guess but I got the Dexter McCluster auto and jersey in the same box.
Really nobody too great there, but wait the case hit!!

yep I got me a Rookie Premiere Auto and a good one too.  I've already seen one of these go on ebay for 162 bucks not too shabby.  Over all except for the case hit the hits are pretty poor but that is pretty much par for the course on flagship Topps.

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