Monday, September 13, 2010

First TTM success

So I've been away for the last 5 days working on the McCarthy Rd here in Alaska.  It's the gate way to the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, the country's largest national park 33 million acres.  Alright enough with the bragging.  I was expecting it to be cold and rainy but on the second day of the trip the taps were shut off and it was cool and clear the rest of the trip and the scenery was incredible.  We stayed at the Chitna Hotel the first night and at the Halfway House B&B the other 3 nights.  It happened to be a great place to base ourselves being about halfway down the road. 

On Sunday we finished up with out last survey by 1pm so we decided to head home to Anchorage which is about a 6 hour drive.  And when I got home I had my first TTM success waiting for me, and my fiance and dog too.

It's from Russell Johnson, the Professor from Gilligan's Island.  Super fast turn around too.  I sent the card on September 3 and it's postmarked the 7th!

A sweet start to the collection.