Friday, September 17, 2010

Some trade night pick ups and pack

I was at Don's Sportscard's trade night last Wednesday and picked up a few packs of stuff and some vintage cards I saw in his case.  For those of you not to familiar with trade night.  It's pretty much is what it is.  You come to the store to trade stuff.  Don usually has specials and for every 10 bucks you spend you get a ticket entered into win a box of cards.  A couple month ago he gave away a box of exquisite football.  Well I didn't win the box again.  Got close twice. 

I did pick up a pack of new Sweet spot NCAA football, 5 packs of Platium and a couple packs of threads.

I also dualed 2 packs of Platinum and got my ass handed to me, but I saw 2 nice hits come out though. 

I didn't really get anything out of my Platinum packs which is disappointing but I think I might by a box anyways cuz I'm bored.  I did pull this rookie holofoil.

I think that's what they're called anyways.  There on super think card stock and really shiny.  Now I like the rookies in the set they have the chrome quality but the base vet's are all on foil board.  If Topps didn't have there name all over the front you could swear this was put out by panini.

I did better with my Threads packs.  I got three and had 2 hits.  I've done pretty good with this but I have no plans on buying a box.  The base cards look like everything else Panini has put out this year.

I got this Jahvid Best Jersey #d to299.

And this

Morgan Burnett Auto, a packer no less
#d to 499

Out of my Sweetspot pack this was my  hit

Hakeem Hicks unnumbered sweet swatch.  Now I do like the UD hits in this product from those that I've seen, but the base cards are hemmmm.  Nothing to right home about, not terrible either but lets be honest who wants to see there current NFL stars in their college dud's?  I did snag a Brett Favre for nothing at the shop though. 

I also picked up a couple 67 Philidelphia vintage packers and a sweet Jordy Nelson Bowman Sterling Jersey #to 299 but i'm going to put those up on my new packer blog Long Way from Lambeau.

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