Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sport Kings Ringside Boxing TKO pack break and bonus

Went on over to one of the card shops after work yesterday.  Mainly to get another gridiron redemption code for week 2.  This is Topps new hobby shop promotional program

But I saw the new Ringside boxing cards up on the counter too and I couldn't resist picking up a pack.
You get 4 cards per pack with various inserts and autos possible.
After checking the website and back of the pack hard signed autos are 1:10 so about 1 per box.  There are Turkey Red inserts, Muhammad Ali inserts, Gold Parallels and more.
Here's what I got.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Weigh in card

Ray Mancini Victorious base card.

Ezzard Charles.  This is the one guy I got the I never heard of but after reading the back he was a boxer in the 40's and was elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990.

And a Tim Witherspoon hard signed auto.  This is the box hit and I feel lucky too because I pick the first pack out of a fresh box right on top.  I have to say that the inserts look cool and so do the memorabilia cards offered in this set.  For 10 bucks a pop a good pull.  I did a quick search on ebay and this card is going for about 12 bucks on an active auction.  I do believe all the cards have gold parallels that are numbered.  The regular cards are call silver level on the sell sheet.  There is also a KO level box with guaranteed hits and I'm sure a nice price tag.  Also the sell sheet and website say this product was due out in June so just a little late.

And to get my redemption card I picked up a couple of packs of Platinum and scored this.

Black Hardesty auto #d to 01/99.

I also picked up a few packs of Epix and probably will not be picking up anymore.  For how expensive it is I've pulled nothing except for some unnumbered inserts of nobody great.
cb out.

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  1. I droolrd over Ringside when I heard it was coming out. Sadly I'll never own any due to lack of a hobby store nearby and the pricetag.