Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 Topps Platinum Box Break

Well I broke down and bought a box of Platinum.  I saw some really nice hits at trade night last week so Friday I picked up a box.

For those that haven't seen this product here is what the base veteran and rookie cards look like.

The rookies are chrome and the base vet's look like they were produced by Panini.  Very shiny.
There are also Rookie Variations.

These cards are thick but unnumbered.  I like that Topps makes it's decoys collectible.  It beats a blank white card or a super think advertisement  Hint hint, Upper deck and Panini.

So here were my hits.

I got 2 numbered rookie refractors plus the 3 variations up top there.

Brandon LaFell #d to 999

David Reed #d to 499

The box boasts 2 rookie autos and one patch auto per box.
Here they are.

Armanti Edwards #d to 900

Marcus Easely #d to 599.  It's just coincidence that I pulled his rookie card for the comparison up top.

And a really nice Emmanuel Sanders Auto Patch # to 10!!

Not terrible.  Very shiny.
What do you guys think?  Nothing like more sticker autos, huh?.

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