Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mini Madness

No not that kind of mini!!
This kind.
As of late the domant variation insert has been the mini card.  With T 206 you get 2 parallels per pack with the bronze as well.  Not that I'm complaining  I love the mini's.  I like the non-sports topics too. Gotta love dinosaurs!!   There are tons of different mini's out there from lots of different sets.  Going all the way back to 2000 pacific Aurora.  Now I'm talking modern cards here not tobacco era. 

But why are they all mainly baseball products??  Yes I know we get some hockey mini's, Champs anyone, and some football, hello Mayo, but compared to the baseball offerings they seem like a pitance.  And come on  I know we are honoring baseball heritage with the A & G but wouldn't an Allen and Ginter football set be cool?  or a 206 set.  Let's mix it up a bit.  Or even better lets come up with something totally original.  I'm not saying it can't be vintage based, something like Masterpieces.  That was a great product.

My other grip is that the card storage industry is behind the times.  I've heard it all around the blogosphere about how hard it is to store your mini's.  Yes we have mini top loaders, and pages, but there are cards you just want someplace to put them where they won't get beat up.  We need mini boxes.  Come on. 

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  1. We do need mini boxes. Also we need binder pages that the Mayo Minis will fit into. My mini binder pages are too small for the Mayo's and it erks me!