Friday, September 24, 2010

Are the Jets the New Badboys of the NFL? or Beard Envy

Hmmm.  It's been a busy couple of news weeks in the NFL not for amazing catches but for stupidity.  First for the locker room BS and now for Braylon Edwards DUI.
Seems the Jets are trying for the title of the Bad Boys of the NFL.  Just last year it was the Steelers with Burress and Rothlisburger.  Didn't the Raiders use to hold the title?  Or maybe that's just the fans.

And what the hell is up with his beard?  Gives me beard envy. 
It's pretty much a forgone conclusion that Braylon will face some kind of suspension and fine from the NFL not to mention whatever he gets from the NY justice system.  Are the Jets going to be able to mount any kind of season with this kind of team?  It's pretty disgraceful and just stupid on Braylon's fault.
He got pulled over not for driving reckless or speeding or swerving nope he got pulled over for over tinted windows on his land cruiser.  He probably thought he was fine to drive.  And the Jets offer a car service so shit like this doesn't happen, as do most NFL teams. 

I realize that these guys are human but just like any celebrities we hold them to a higher standard.  Kids look up to these guys, and want to be them.  They're role models whether they want to be or not. 

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