Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Classic Classic pulls.

So a few weeks back I walked into Don's Sportscards to see what was new.  He had just opened his newly arrived case of Panini Classic.  Well I was saving my money for Topps Football but I decided that I'd buy a few packs.  Don let me pull my own and I took 2.  Then he asked me to pull 2 for him to put out to display.

Well I didn't open my packs there but he didn't get anything. 
I ended up pulling two hits.

A really nice rookie auto of Dominique Franks.  Sorry forgot to write down the numbering but I think it's under 500.  I'm posting at work, shhhhh don't tell.

And then I got this one too.

Again can't remember the numbering or if this one even is, but I could think of a lot worse cards to pull.

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  1. I'd love to be able to pull those two cards! The cool thing for me is that it is two former OU players. I haven't seen Classics around. I need to check that out. Thanks for posting these up for all of us to look at.