Friday, October 1, 2010

TTM Jay Leno Success!

Just got back to town and found this in  my mail box.

My second TTM success. This was sent 9/3/10 and got it back around 9/29/10.  I'm hoping it's actually Jay's and not a secretary but from all the sig's i've seen there's been some variations but he usually sign's it Yo (your name), and his sig with his little face drawing on it.
Even better is the SASE it came back in.  The stamp wasn't even postmarked.

cb out


  1. I attend the Tonight Show, and that looks like his autograph. The one I usually see is the JAY's GARAGE, with him leaning on a car with his Blue Shirt and Jeans, with the YO!, the face is the BIG DOGS Character of his production company "BIG DOGS PRODUCTION" which you can see at the end of the show. Letterman is friends with Jay (a person who delievers Letters) and he wears the Congressman American Flag Pin, as for why not post marked. I surprised the cheapwad even put a stamp on it..usually he mails it to you, with your address as the return address without a stamp. The Tonight Show was 56 years old on 9/27, so that is a good date to have it. The 29th is my Birthday, Jay is my UNCLE.