Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Topps Rookie of the Week: Week 7

I can't figure Topps out.  Not at all anymore.  At the end of Sunday football I had no idea who they would pick for this weeks rookie of the week.  But after watching MNF I was convinced it would be Dez Bryant.  Now maybe Topps only picks rookies from Sunday's games, I don't know, does Topps even know? Maybe they already have their ROW's picked out and it doesn't matter.  Next week Golden Tate who didn't catch anything, but boy can the kid drink Gatoraid.

Any ways you be the judge.

From the Topps site "Bengals receiver Jordan Shipley broke out in Week 7 with a monster afternoon, hauling in six passes for 131 yards and his first career touchdown - an impressive 64-yard catch and run. The former Longhorns star now leads all rookies in yards-per-game and may soon emerge as one of the games top slot receivers."

Not bad.  I'm not saying that it wasn't a good outing and I'm not saying he's not having a good start to the season.   
Here's what Dez did Monday night.
4 receptions for 54 yards and 2 touchdowns, 93 yard punt return for TD, and no fumbles.

I guess what I need is some critirea that Topps uses for picking it's ROW.  Is it total yards recieving for recievers?  TD's, total yards gained?  Leading all rookies in yards per game?  Or is it an individual effort per game?
Obviously not the last ones, since Dez had 3 TD and if you count the punt return run back almost 150 yards gained.  Now I'm no Dallas fan or Dez Bryant for that matter, but facts is facts and who would you rather see on the ROW card?  Truely?

Last week I thought for sure Colt McCoy deserved it and this week I think Dez Bryant deserved it.

Maybe Topps is trying to purposely get away from their "bandwagoning" ways of picking the hottest stars to boast sales, Strasburg anyone.  And has anyone notice how many different Strasburg cards are in Topps Update?? A lot, but probably fewer than a million. 

Am I wrong here?  True I don't get to watch every game but stats are stats. And in my opinion Dez Bryant stood out in Week 7 espcially when you consider that his 2 TD's came from the back up QB Kitna, who, yes I realize has some experience, if you can call it that with the Lions.  And who knows maybe Kitna will step up and kick some ass. Matt Cassell anybody? Kitna didn't do to shabby from coming in on off the bench either.  Not great but pretty damn good.

I'm sure it's hard to get thrown in the game when your runner up to Tony Romo and probably only get to touch the football when helping the ball boy. 
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