Thursday, October 7, 2010

Best day of the year in Alaska, PFD Day!!!!

Ah sorry I should so happy.  This probably sounds of bragging, it's not though it's lamenting and whining.  Today is PFD day in Alaska, at least for us who embraced technology and direct deposit.  For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about every year the state of Alaska gives out a check to all the qualified residents who applied.  PFD stand for Permanent Fund Dividend.  It was set up back in the 70's with oil revenue and first dispersed in 1982.  This year we are getting $1281 bucks.  Probably almost makes you want to move up here huh?  Just a warning it gets a little cold up here in the winter.

I was so planning on rushing over to my local card shop and trying to finish my Topps Platinum set or perhaps buy a few boxes of chrome.  But alas my fiance and I are in the process of buying a house and both of our dividends, as they are know, are going to things like house inspectors and title insurance.  But it'll beat paying rent to faceless corporation who's only goal is to screw me out of my deposit.  But I will be hoisting a few this weekend as the Packers take on the Redskins.  We'll get you Donovan McNab oh yes we will.

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