Monday, October 18, 2010

Topps Week 6 Rookie of the Week Prediction

What is Topps going to do?  With Monday night football yet to be played I'm pretty sure who I would name as Rookie of the Week. And both of them were pretty decent.  This week was Colt McCoy's first outing as starting QB for the Browns and even though they lost he did a pretty damn good job.  But Tim Tebow also saw his first field time of the season.  Now to be honest Tebow only had one play as a back and did score a TD.  Colt threw for over 280 yards and had 1 TD he also had 2 picks.  Now if I were running things Colt by far had the best outing, but if I was a betting man I would say Topps will put Tebow as the week 6 ROW.  Why.  Well it's obvious with Colt's outing he's going to be back, Tebow is the unknown.  Might as well get him on the ROW card while you can I guess. 

I was  jawing with Don from Don's sportscards yesterday after the morning games and he thought Sam Bradford had the best rookie outing.  Which he did, but Bradford's already been ROW.  So this begs the question is Topps going to pick the best rookie every week or the best rookie that hasn't been Rookie of the Week yet?

We'll find out tomorrow.  To recap I think McCoy deserves the spot, but like I blogged earlier Tebow is the hobby's golden boy this year and I joked that he could come in the game and take a knee at the end of the game and get Rookie of the Week.  Now he actually came in for a play and scored a TD.

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