Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chrome baseball box break, chrome football and a cheap box of 2010 Prestige

I picked up a box of Chrome baseball about a week ago when it came out.  Mainly because the card shop I was at had it at 65 bucks a box and I couldn't resist.  I won't bore you with all the shiny refractors I got a few.  And of course I got the 2 rookie autos guaranteed on the box.  Lets have a look.

Notice anything?  yep both autos smudged!! I didn't do that. That's how they came out of the packs.  And of course I threw the box and reciept away and the wrappers are headed to Topps for my free cards.  I like that they're hard signed, but at least I would expect the sticker auto not to be smudged.

Now I also bought a few Chrome football packs from some hobby stores.  I have gotten nothing from these packs refractor or auto wise.  I think that this year chrome is best bought retail.  I love the value packs with the 3 bonus orange refractors and all the Football I've bought each pack has had refractors.  Plus exclusive xfractors.  I even got this out of retail pack.

Yep Rookie auto of Ben Tate.  This would be a box hit.  I also got a blue refractor in this pack.  Needless to say I won't be buying any more Chrome football from the hobby stores.  Plus I'm trying to save my money to put together the Update set which comes out next week.

I couldn't resists buying a box of Prestige from Don's this afternoon though.  I was bummed the Packers lost in overtime, again.  And Don had these marked down to 50 bucks.  I was very pleased with my hits and inserts, as at 50 buck a pop they were well worth it.

I got 2 rookie auto's.

Both numbered to 399.

I got this Andre Johnson jersey

Numbered to 250

And being a Packers fan and collector it's always nice when one of your hits is team or player related.

NIce quad jersey.  Manning, Romo, Schaub and Rodgers.  The Manning piece has some stitching.  It would have made this card beyond awesome if all the pieces had a little color.  But I'll take it. 
And it's numbered to 25!! Nice.

If Don has any of these left at trade night I might have to pick up another box along with my jumbo update. 

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