Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cynicalbuddha's Mid-Week Movie Review: RED

I haven't been to a movie in a while.  There just hasn't been anything I wanted to see, or at least shellout $10.50 to see.  I would like to watch "the Social Network" but honestly that's a netflix movie not something I need to see on the big screen. 

But after being bombarded by ads for RED I convinced the fiance to go out and watch it with me.  I actually went to see this movie Saturday night, which was a bad idea.  I love watching a movie with a nice large audience but this place was packed.  So packed we had to sit up front, which is the worst place to watch a movie.  It's too close and my neck starts to hurt from looking up.  No, the best place to watch a movie is about halfway up  in the middle.  Take note.

Now I'm not going to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it, but the previews are a bit misleading.  They make it sound like the whole movie is about breaking into the CIA to find out who's trying to kill them. Actually it's only a small part of the movie.  That being said Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovic, and Helen Mirren all do there jobs quite will.  Mary Louis Parker is cute as can be and Ernest Borgnine is pretty awesome, nice to see the old guy's still got it.  But Malkovic's performance steals the show.  The crazy guy always does.  Alright John this makes up for Eragon.

The plot is pretty standard, a couple of twists but nothing earth shattering, but the stunts are cool, the acting pretty spot on, the jokes funny, and timing jaunty. 

Well worth a looksee but not a movie I walked out of going WOW.  And definately not one I would go back to see again, or need to.  But it is a movie that is worth seeing on the big screen while you can.


Three Buddha's.

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