Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some surprises in 2010 Topps Update

Who doesn't like surprises right.  I mean good surprises like a new puppy under the Christmas tree not bad surprises like "Hey you have Lupus". 

I was starting to put together my 2010 Topps Update set the other night, still haven't collated yet, just separtating cards into there number groups and I found some interesting stuff.  Now I figured there would be some more pie in the face variations and retire legends variations, but there were a few more surprises in Topps Update that you might not know about. 

First is the Topps Rookie Cup variations.  I was sorting cards and noticed I had a regular numbered card in the batch not numbered 661 but 450, Omir Santos.  And at first I was stumped as to why this card was in Update.  But after some quick searching on eBay and the net I realized that this was a All Topps Rookie Cup Variation.  That means that it has the Topps Cup on the front and oddly enough the same picture as the regular 450. 

The other card which stood out right away was the Atlanta Braves Mickey Mouse All Stars card I got from my second box.  Nothing too exciting with the card, no numbering or foil,  and a quick search around the old 'bay revealed a bunch of these cards.  I'm not sure if each team has one or not.  I saw a lot of 5 go for about 5 bucks and most are unsold.  Mainly because they were listed for an opening bid of $9.99 and no one knows these cards are around yet. 

I pickd up the Cubs one from a random single pack buy.  I have no idea how rare these might be.

But these is no updated checklist for this set yet.  At least not from Topps and these inserts are not on there on their originally released check list.  Lots of TBA's there.

And there are pie in the face variations as well.  Here is the Edwin Jackson I got.

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