Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some thoughts for the day.

Well we are past week 5 moving on to week 6 in the NFL.  My team is pretty much done.  The Pack is 3-2 but pretty much the whole team is hurt so I'm not expecting any more wins.  This way I'll be pleasantly surprised when and if we do.  And while there are no undefeated teams left, there are still 3 totally defeated teams left.  The Bills, 49er's, and Panthers all have yet to get one in the win column.  And while I'm sure none of them will come close to Detroit's anti-awesome season in 2008 (0-16) I can look over yonder and say at least I'm not rooting for those guys. 

That being said there are some nice surprises around the league.  Peyton Hillis over in Cleveland is proving a great asset, now they just need a quarterback, and this week we'll probably get to see if Colt McCoy can do it.  I love rooting for the underdog, as long as he ain't in my division.  Randy Moss showed he's still got a little left, and a rookie running back might give the Lions a little hope, just a little.

Of course there have been some not so nice surprises lately, besides all my Packers getting hurt, mainly having to do with Brett Favre's dong.  Some people are so dumb.  It's like all these stars with sex tapes.  If you don't want anyone to ever see it don't record it. 

Well the MLB Championship games set to start in a couple days well have a few more weeks of baseball excitement.  Hopefully more exciting than most of the playoffs. 

That's about it, oh I bought a box of Topps Chrome Baseball, shoulda waited for Football.  I'll post that soon too.  Very disappointing, you'll see why.
cb out

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