Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010 Topps Update Jumbo box break.

Finally.  I've been chomping at the bit to finish my Topps sets.  I really don't know why Topps doesn't just call this series 3 and continue with numbering up to 990, probably so they can throw the factory set out earlier. 
This year it's called Update Series and the cards all have the US prefix on the back.

I decided to go with a box of jumbo because simply for the little extra money you get much better stuff.  And I do plan on picking up one more jumbo box later this week but here's what I got outta this box.

I did have a few damaged cards but nobody worth my time bitching to Topps about and actually it was only 2 cards, so for Topps this year that's not that bad and none of the inserts or hits were damaged.

I also got a 661 Strasburg card to help finish one of  my base sets, and even though it's not one of the super-rare only available online version it still the 661 in the factory set so I count my set as complete.

I won't bore you with all the base cards and inserts there all the same as Series 1 and 2 with the absence of Topps 2020 cards and World Series History, everything is the same and no new insert sets added. 

You also get one rookie refractor top loader in each box. 
I got John Ely of the Dodgers.

Very shiny.

I was also happy that I got all 3 of my hits.  

Dustin Pedoria All Star Game Jersey.

A terrible Carl Crawford auto.
Great player terrible sticker auto, I mean look at that.

But I do really like my last hit even if it's not of a player I like.

Justin Morneau Black bat barrel card numbered to 25!
I was skeptical about these cards but having one in your hands these cards are pretty sweet.
They're also super thick.  They won't fit in a penny sleeve.  I had to cut down a team bag to fit it and they don't even fit in a sweet spot top loader.  I'm going to have to see if the LCS has a thicker toploader for it.

I also got 97 other inserts, including 10 gold parallels, 10 turkey red, 10 Topps attax code cards with 2 Strasburgs, ect ect. My only beef is I was getting doubles of the inserts.  I mean when you are only getting 10 of each I would think there would be a little better collation.  I haven't started putting the set together I'm going to wait till I open my next box and try and put 2 sets together since it seems that's what I'm doing this year with baseball. 

In theory I should have a whole set here with 400 base cards per box but that never works out. 

And congrats to the Giants taking out the Philly's tonight.  I'm looking forward to the World Series next week.

cb out.


  1. If you got any extra Mariners cards I would be interested in taking them off your hands. Let me know if that's possible.