Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I love the absurd, irrelevant, and darn right odd.  I can't pass up a cabinet of curiosities and ugly dogs, or cute dogs for that matter.  I miss the days of all the odd ball sports items that were put out in the 70's, 80's and 90's. I mean like food issue cards, discs, pins, stand-ups, pogs, ect, ect. 

That being said I have a quite a few sports blogs I follow.  Check them out there right over there ----> and down.
If your blogs not on there, sorry.  Drop me a line, comment on a post I'll add you.  Down at the bottom is JayBee's Sportcard Blog roll.  It's my morning paper when I get into work I click on it and see what's up in the blogosphere.

But you might notice a few links to blogs you've never heard of.  My ecclectia is you will.  There are a few I've picked up from suggestions, random blog surfing, and just by accident.  I'd like to introduce my oddballs. 

First on the blog is Hyperbole and a Half.  I actually had a friend suggest this one to me. One half diary blog one half cartoon hilarity.  Allie mixes childhood disfunction with homemade cartoons, better have an extra pair of underwear if you start reading you might pee your pants.

Next up is Blackberries to Apples.  I'm not sure how I found Meghan's site.  It might have been through Hyperbole and a Half, or next blog surfing, I can't remember.  But she's hilarious and talented.  A southern transplant living in New York City, trying to make a living as a writer.  Very well done.  Not like this crap shack of a blog.

Numbero 3 is Cynical Bastard.  Maybe it's having Cynical in the title that drew me in.  I'm pretty sure that I found Jay's site blog surfing and I'm glad I did.  All things cynical and ridiculous are ranted about.  I love reading the comments from his followers too. 

In the four spot is Mr. Potter's Funtime Blog.  I'm not sure how to describe this one.  Just go check it out.

Coming in to number 5 with a bullet is a new one for me I just found a few days ago but really like it, The Sassy Curmudgeon.  Another insanely funny girly blog with lots of guest bloggers showing up to help out.  Kinda like the Tonight show in the 80's.  Watch out for talk about vagina's and STD testing, you know you want to secretly read it just like that copy of Cosmo hidden under your mattress.

And I can't remember how I found #6, might have been through a link on the Sassy Curmudgeon or Blackberries to Apples.  Red means Go.  More cartoons and women.  You have to read this post it's awesomely porn tastic. 

I'm always looking for new blogs to add to the list of Ecclectia, what are some of your non-sports blog likes??


  1. Can you add me? I have added you.

    Also any update on the Tony Bennett auto???

  2. You know what I was going to send Tony Bennett a custom card to sign but most of the feedback I've seen on that he only signs his own photos. No one has gotten anything they sent signed so I was holding off but thanks for reminding me I was going to try I might have to put one together tonight.