Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My accidental Treasure

Well I was perusing the blogroll this morning at work and noticed a post by JD's daddy over at JD's Wildcardz about accidental treasures.  These are hits or card you get when you least expect it.  And it just so happens that it happened to my last night at the grocery store.  So I posted a reply on the post and JD's Daddy said he'd like to see the treasure so here it is.

But first a little back story.  I was picking up pizza fixin's at the local Fred Meyer's(Krogers) on my way home.
I walked past the card display and couldn't resist picking up a couple packs of Topps Platinum.  I've been slowly putting together my set and figured if there were some fat pack, ie ones with rookie variation cards I'd grab them and lo and behold the box hadn't been picked over yet.  I was hoping that that's what the fat pack meant.  I know in Hobby boxes the fat packs are the ones with the rookie variations and sometimes jersey cards but the skinny packs got the auto's.  I like that the Topps bluffs are actually collectible not blank pieces of cardboard and every time I pick a pack up at the card shop they give me the skinny packs, which I have picked up a few nice auto refractors.

So out of those 4 packs I got 3 rookie variations and this gem which blew my mind coming from a retail box in a grocery store.

I had no idea Topps was putting these kind of cards in the retail boxes.
I wish I was more of a Chiefs fan, but damn that's a nice card.
Jamaal Charles/Dexter McCluster  Dual auto Dual patch card #d to 25.  One patch 4 color one 3 both with stitching.  Damn nice accidential treasure.

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  1. That could be the retail pull of all time. That card rivals triple threads!