Monday, October 25, 2010

grrrrrrrrr or GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Ah the joys of working for state a agency.  They block all the good websites, but oddly enough not blogs.  Fools.  Well with our server down I have some time to write. 

Some thoughts that have popped into my head recently.  Perhaps you out there in the blogging community or at least in the blog reading community know the answers to my questions.  This is not a test and there are no prizes, other than the inflated ego you might acquire by showing off your brain muscle.

First.  Topps. Grrrrrrr.
How do they determine card numbering on sets??  This question is especially pointed at baseball.  It seems that card # 1 holds some special place as do all the 100's and sometimes the 50's.
Point in fact this years Topps Series 1 and 2.

Card 1.  Prince Fielder.  ( I like that I'm a Brewers fan)
Card 100 Albert Pujols. 
Card 150 Joe Mauer
Card 200 Roy Halladay
Card 250 Mark Teixeira
Card 300 Chase Utley
Card 331 Ryan Braun(1st card of Series 2 again an awesome Brewer)
Card 350  Ryan Braun/Prince Fielder (mmm more Brewer awesomeness)
Card 400 A Rod
Card 500 Brad Lidge
Card 600 Hanley Ramirez
You also find a sprinkling of other stars usually with even numbers on a zero.
Ryan Howard card #590
Robinson Cano #370
Matt Holiday #140

Of course your idea of a star might differ from mine.  Regardless, as mind numbing as trying to figure out Topps card ordering is there is a pattern with "stars" falling on certain card numbers, especially on the 100's.  We will disregard #7 as we all know Topps, almost always, puts Mantel on their #7 cards.

Question 2.   Topps GRRRRRRRRR.  Does Topps know about all these defects in their product line, and if they do why don't they do something about it?  OK so here is Topps official notice.  HEY TOPPS YOUR QUALITY CONTROL SUCKS AND IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE SHIT!!!!!!  AND IT'S PISSING US OFF SO PULL YOUR HEAD OUR OF YOUR COLLECTIVE ASSES AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT.  I MEAN REALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! phew.  Glad to get that off my chest.

I guess hiring a guy to fix all the problems is a step in that direction but all year long through all 3 series of baseball, 1, 2, and update there have been quality control issues, as well as flag ship football.  And Chrome, lets just not talk about chrome I think it's been lambasted enough the last few weeks. No?? OK what's up with missing cards and smudged autos?? I'm no fan of sticker autos, lets be clear on that, I think they're cheap and make cards look cheap.  And I'm sorry but if you're paying $250 for a pack of cards wouldn't you expect on card autos??  But on card autos that are smudged?? Really! 

Question 3.  Panini  grrrr GRRRRR,   Can Panini hire someone to do something about their terrible designs?  I think that their best product so far this year has been their cheapest.  Score.  I don't expect much from a buck a pack cards and you know what there not that bad.  As a matter of fact I've hit some nice cards from Score this year.  And looking at the previews of Crown Royal Football it might be a redeeming factor for Panini but everything else they seem to be putting out this year seems to be cookie cutter crap, from base design to inserts and hits.

Well looks like my server is back up and running. 

cb out.

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