Friday, October 22, 2010

TTM Betty White Success.

This is one of my first customs I sent out in August.  I've been seeing lots of successes at so I was hoping mine was coming soon. 
I know she's been super busy with her new show and movie stuff so I'm really excited to get this one.
And what a great signature.  From all the sigs I looked at it looks legit and authentic.  There are some slight variations in the signatrure but that's good it means that it's not an autopen, but the h and the way she crosses her t's are almost always the same.

Sent 8/20/10
Recieved 10/22/10  might have gotten here soon I haven't checked my po box in a few days.

I kina cringed at the card now that I've been working on them for a while now.  This being one of my firsts but what a great auto.  Now if Abe Vigoda ever gets back to me.

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  1. Beautiful card and great sig. I got her autograph at the height of her Golden Girls success. My grandmother worked for a fabric store in Beverly Hills that sold to the studios. Famous people would come in all the time, including Betty White. I also have Rue McClanahan's and Bea Arthur's autos.