Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012 Topps Update Baseball Box Break

So I didn't find any Update at Bosco's last Wednesday so I headed over to Don's my other LCS in town and found he had a couple Jumbo Boxes so I picked one up.

Box Label
 Back are all your favorite inserts from Series 1 and 2, Golden Moments, the 87 mini's, Golden Greats, Gold Sparkly inserts, ect. But this go around we have a new insert and the return of the numbered gold parallels.

So each jumbo pack contains 3 gold parallel cards along with the sparkly golden parallel.  You get 2 golds from the Series 1 or 2  and then one from the update set.

The new insert is Blockbusters. Commemorating the biggest baseball deals of all time. And there are relic and auto versions of some of these cards too.  Here's a sample.

I won't bore you with the other inserts we've already seen, except for this one.
I was really excited to see Yount in to one of the inserts this year.  Sadly there are no relic or auto parallels of this card to chase, but since I haven't added a new Yount to the collection in months, it's a nice surprise to actually pull the one insert I really wanted.

I did get two black parallels as well and it's nice when one of them is going into my team sets.

I also found one SP photo variation.  I need to go back through my cards to see if anything else came out.

And the best part about the Jumbos is the 3 hits, even if one of those is a manurelic.

Back for round three are the ring cards.  And these still are pretty awesome.  Got me a Gehrig.  Not too shabby.

Next up another card for one of my PC's
I still like the big guy and collect his cards, but to be honest I've not been going after them the way I use to. Still a nice All Star Game card with Princey.

And the Auto.
A Golden Debut card of Tyler Pastornicky.  I wasn't familiar with this kid so I had to Google him.  Tyler played in about 76 games this season, only about 50 as a fielder.  He was sent back down to the minors and June and then called back up near the end of the season.

I also didn't get any Presidential Predictors.  I'll have to dig back through the stack to see if I missed them.

Overall not a bad box, but not spectacular.  I'm happy I got a couple of hits that I want to keep. But for the most part it's standard flagship Topps.  I did get a full set and about 50 extras so that makes me happy. I did put the hits on ebay so my wife wouldn't kill me. But if somethings don't sell I'll offer them up to trades.

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