Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Second Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web. It's almost time

I'm not quite sure I like this one game playoff series. I mean I do like that my team had a shot of sneaking in, but to be honest I'm torn. I mean on one hand you've got the 4 best teams in each league about to go for the gold and now you've got the 5th best that might make a push.  With that said and knowing that those playoff games start only 2 days after the end of the regular season and that 2 divisions in the American League haven't even been decided and it's the last day of the regular season, there's not much time to get a contest started.

I've decided not to include the 1 game series in the contest and there might even be a one game tie breaker up in the AL East. And how exciting is it that the Rangers and Athletic's are tied and playing each other for the pennant title tonight!!!!??!!! It's freaking awesome!

So I'm going to wait till we know the final eight teams and the playoff schedule.  But I'm still planning on having the contest so stay tuned.

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