Saturday, October 20, 2012

Moster Fighters - The Swamp Creature 9461

One of the best things about the different themes in the Legoverse is that there are different price points throughout.  One of the newer exclusive themes is Monster Hunters. And the Swamp Creature is the cheapest of the theme. And for less than 7 bucks you get 2 mini figures and a couple neat accessories.  The theme isn't all that original, but it does bring in some cool mini's.
First we have the monster hunters.  In this set it's Frank Rock.  Frank come with his twin guns of fury and two faces to choose from.

I love the detail on the face with the scrapes.


Frank also comes with his Monster Busting swamp boat.
But of course the selling point for this set is the Swamp Creature minifigure.

He also comes with this sea scape thingy.

And again it's the little details I love the best on these mini's
There's really no reason for these scales on the back of the head, they're covered with the helmet, but it's nice to see the detail.

And looking around the legosphere I see that a certain huge 80's icon will be coming to Lego's next year. Heroes in a half-shell.

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