Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A trade with Nachos Grande - Some Series 5 Minifigure love

I could have sworn I'd traded with Chris over at Nachos Grande before.  But after looking through my trade log, yep I keep a log of all my trades, with names, address, blog names, team and player preferences, ect, I couldn't find him.  But he loves minifigures as much as I do and I figured since I had a few extra from opening blind packs I'd see if he had any extra. Well after a few emails I had a new minifigure coming my way and stack of 2012 A&G to help fill my set.

Chris had an extra Dinoguy from Series 5 and I had only managed to find one Series 5 since I started putting together my mini collection and that was the Royal Guard.

Thanks Chris!

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